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Take on the role of a queen honey bee, build a colony, and dominate the field. · By Corey Van Hoosen


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Recent updates 0.8.7—0.9.2 Changelog
Logins saved so players are automatically signed back in when the game is reloaded. All unlockable skins now animated rather than lifeless static sprites. Setti... 0.8.6 Changelog
Wasp animations added for idle and flying.
Take on the role of a queen honey bee, build a colony, and dominate the field. 0.8.4 Changelog
Bees have an idle animation for moving almost not at all, walking when moving slowly, and flying when full speed. Plants animated to sway a bit. Bug fixes relat...
1 file 0.8.1 Changelog
Bone-based animations added to Monarchies! This makes it possible to create smooth animations that can be reused applied to new skins. Honey bees and bumble bee... 0.7.3 Changelog
Logs and boulders added. Purely cosmetic for now. Cells where workers have been birthed out of can be used again. Fix for alarm pheromone not working properly i... 0.6.2
Ads removed from main menu. Link to Patreon added. In-game tutorial message box added which gives the player the basics of the game. Computer-controlled queen b...
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Discord Server Created
A Discord server for Monarchies has been started. Join it to chat with the developer, suggest and discuss changes to the game, report bugs, and meet other playe...
Monarchies 0.5.0 Changelog
Changelog modal added to main menu: Varroa Destructor mites added. These parasitic mites attach themselves to bees, feeding on their blood and laying eggs on th...
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