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Take on the role of a queen honey bee looking to build a hive. · By Corey Van Hoosen


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Monarchies 0.4.8 Changelog
In the latest update to Monarchies.io, Menu button in top-right during play to return to main menu. Bumble bees has appeared on the field! These wobbly, fuzzy...
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Monarchies 0.4.7 Changelog
Main menu layout adjusted in this latest update. Corpses for dead workers and wasps were added. Behind the scenes, I am working on the system for user accounts...
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Monarchies 0.4.5 Changelog
The multiplayer portion is really starting to pick up as the game is getting distributed to more game portals beyond my control. Roughly 2000 separate names hav...
Monarchies 0.4.4 Changelog
Multiplayer and singleplayer game code merged into one, so I no longer need to maintain two separate codebases for the two modes. All bug-fixes (unless relating...
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Monarchies 0.4.3 Changelog
I've received some great feedback from players in the last couple of days, and today I've uploaded an update that fixes a couple of things players have complain...
Monarchies.io has landed on Itch.io
Monarchies of Wax and Honey has landed on Itch.io, its public debut! I finally made the plunge this weekend to release the beta of my game to a public audience...
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