0.8.7—0.9.2 Changelog

  • Logins saved so players are automatically signed back in when the game is reloaded.
  • All unlockable skins now animated rather than lifeless static sprites.
  • Settings added to lobby. Toggle animations and sound before play. 

  • Minimap shows whole playable area.
  • Fix for crashing when bees die.
  • Lobby screen layout improved for narrow phone screens.
  • Fix for changing screen orientation on a phone squishing the resolution of the game.
  • Fix for sound being disabled by default.
  • Fix for sound getting stuck when returning to the lobby from play.
  • Fix for bees colliding with each other and pushing each other in a very jarring way. Collisions between bees look much more natural now.
  • Hide tutorial by default if it has been seen before.
  • Sweat bee skin added.

  • Skin selection improved.
  • Skin selection separated from profile.
  • Shop removed. Unlock skins from skin selection screen.
  • Selected skin remembered next time user reloads the game.
  • Current skin selection shown directly on Lobby screen.
  • Perks of logging in shown to users before they log in.

  • Fix for bee bread and pollen flying away.
  • Queen bees can now pick up and carry pollen and bee bread just like the workers can.

  • Removed the occuli from the sweat bee graphics.
  • Preview egg when players select hive cells no longer drifts away from its cell.
  • Solo mode bots are assigned a random species/skin everytime the game loads.
  •  A handful of minor bug fixes made.

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