0.10.3—0.11.2 Changelog

  • Fix for newly-hatched workers spawning in invisible if the player wasn't logged in.
  • Wizard Hat and Knight Helmet bees added.
  • Improved page loading time.
  • In-game performance improvements. Should run a little smoother than before on slower devices.
  • Fixes for a couple of crashes.
  • Fix for objects not being appropriately above or below other objects right after the game loads.
  • Joystick now jumps up above action buttons on very narrow screens to avoid overlapping them.
  • Action buttons on narrow screens squish together tighter to avoid getting cut off the side of the screen.
  • Fix for game crashing on Sandbox when yellowjackets try to spawn.
  • Queen does more damage to enemy workers. Workers fight back even if not in alarm pheromone.
  • Fix for yellowjackets spawning trees rather than pupae.
  • Giant wasps take less damage when they get attacked.
  • Trees produce pollen.
  • Fix for challenge level 1 not tracking ai-controlled worker numbers properly.
  • Fix for being able to select the workers belonging to ai-controlled queens.
  • Fix for ai-controlled workers wanting to do nothing but crowd around their queen.
  • Fix for challenge level 1 not spawning queens.
  • Five new challenge levels added. Defeat all queens, defeat rising numbers of yellowjackets, and defeat both yellowjackets & giant wasps together.
  • Improved the code for setting up new challenges to make it easier to add new levels with different goals and setups.
  • Fix for invisible queens for new users that haven't logged in.
  • Added ability to purchase honey.
  • Improvements made to the skins system to allow more easily to add new skins. Visual improvements to skin selection.
  • New hat skins added.

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Apr 20, 2021

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