0.9.3—0.9.6 Changelog

  • 2019/11/3: ver. 0.9.6
    • Workers collide with the edge of the map.
    • Workers target nearby threats better and ignore threats that are too far away.
    • Only one giant wasp can spawn at a time.
    • Queen bees, giant wasps and yellow jackets fall down and bounce when they spawn in rather that simply instantly appearing in the world. Worker bees scale up like they're growing into the world.
  • 2019/10/3: ver. 0.9.5
    • Yellow jackets return to get more food after dropping off stolen brood.
    • Yellow jackets and wasps attack each other.
    • Yellow jackets and wasp hp decreased a little.
    • Yellow jackets don't automatically spawn as long as some are still alive.
  • 2019/10/1: ver. 0.9.4
    • Yellow jackets added to the game. They group up, attack hives, steal bee brood, then carry it off the map to feed to their babies and make more yellow jackets.
  • 2019/09/16: ver. 0.9.3
    • Set number of queen bee bots in the settings menu (0 through 10, default: 1).
    • Queen bees no longer create honey.
    • Background shadow on text in the How To Play modal darkened to give text more contrast against the background.

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