0.7.3 Changelog

  • Logs and boulders added. Purely cosmetic for now.

  • Cells where workers have been birthed out of can be used again.
  • Fix for alarm pheromone not working properly in multiplayer matches.
  • Buzzing sound stops when a worker dies.
  • Alarm pheromone particle emitter and buzzing sound stops when player disconnects.
  • Leaderboard displays only connected players, removes disconnected players, and sorts by number of workers in descending order.

  • Players no longer get game over when all their workers are dead.
  • Hide tutorial button removed.
  • Can no longer place a hive on top of an existing hive.
  • Crown bee for Patreon supporters glows.
  • Fix for crash when brood gets killed by mites on multiplayer matches.

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