Monarchies 0.4.3 Changelog

I've received some great feedback from players in the last couple of days, and today I've uploaded an update that fixes a couple of things players have complained about. All of these changes are only available on the multiplayer portion of the game, and haven't been brought over to the single-player mode yet.

  • user @BrumbleBee asked about the ability to deselect selected bees, which is now possible by simply clicking on a selected bee.
  • Workers in attack mode should now attack the nearest wasps properly.
  • A new host is chosen automatically when the match host leaves. Joining matches already in progress seems to be working smoothly now with disconnects.
  • The queen bee health-bar should show be a more reliable indicator of how much health the player has.
  • I believe I located the cause of random game overs and fixed it.
  • Players that leave a match will have their queen and workers removed from the map.

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