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Arboreal Demigod

Spawn trees and watch an ecosystem flourish around them. · By Corey Van Hoosen


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Improved Ground Graphics
Arboreal Demigod updated to 0.5.1. Changes: Shading on ground graphics has been improved. As the ground covers roughly a third of the screen most of the time, t...
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Nature Calls
The ecosystem in Arboreal Demigod has become circular! Now when animals eat seeds, the contents of their stomach is kept track of, and when time comes for natur...
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Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where plants and animals could be clicked repeatedly with the life absorb ability to completely fill up energy. The game now properly detects if a p...
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I'd like you to meet Arboreal Demigod.
Hello, I am excited to share with you Arboreal Demigod which has been my passion project for months. This week I began implementing an objective syste...
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Cute aesthetic and concept, but I can't literally even move...
started by Luce_00 Dec 13, 2021
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